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Fall in Love at First Kiss


Fall in Love at First Kiss is scheduled to release on Valentine’s Day 2019. The movie is based on Kaoru Tada’s manga series named Itazura na Kiss. Over 20 years, there has been many TV drama and movie remakes around the world. This time, director Frankie Chen will bring the classic manga back to the screen again.


GENRE: Romance

DIRECTOR: Frankie Chen

CAST: Darren Wang, Lin Yun

RELEASE DATE: 14 Feb 2019




Will it work out if a dumb girl falls for an intelligent boy? Yuan Xiangqin (Lin Yun) is a ditzy girl and she has a deep affection for a boy genius named Jiang Zhishu (Darren Wang). At the moment when she’s ready to get over the rejection from Jiang and move on, Yuan’s father and she are invited to move into Naoki’s house! Yuan keeps pursuing Naoki, but Naoki just leaves her out in the cold. Yuan makes Naoki’s school life more interesting and full of dramas. As the time goes by, Jiang is gradually attracted by Yuan’s courage and fearless spirit. He starts to wonder if Yuan is just a passer-by in his life or the true love in his predestined fate.



Jiang Zhishu is a smart boy, while Yuan Xiangqin is a ditzy girl who is bad at studying. On the first day of a new semester, Yuan comes across Jiang, the handsome boy loved by thousands of girls. Starting from an unexpected kiss, Yuan has her unrequited love.




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AMC La Jolla 12

8657 Villa La Jolla Dr. Suite 129

La Jolla, CA 92037



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